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SpringOne2GX 2015 replay: Lattice: A Cloud-Native Platform for Your Spring Applications

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2015
Speaker: Matt Stine
Lattice is a cloud-native application platform that enables you to run your applications in containers like Docker, on your local machine via Vagrant. Lattice includes features like:
Cluster scheduling
HTTP load balancing
Log aggregation
Health management
Lattice does this by packaging a subset of the components found in the Cloud Foundry elastic runtime. The result is an open, single-tenant environment suitable for rapid application development, similar to Kubernetes and Mesos Applications developed using Lattice should migrate unchanged to full Cloud Foundry deployments.

Lattice can be used by Spring developers to spin up powerful micro-cloud environments on their desktops, and can be useful for developing and testing cloud-native application architectures. Lattice already has deep integration with Spring Cloud and Spring XD, and you’ll have the opportunity to see deep dives into both at this year’s SpringOne 2GX. This session will introduce the basics:

Installing Lattice
Lattice’s Architecture
How Lattice Differs from Cloud Foundry
How to Package and Run Your Spring Apps on Lattice

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