SpringOne2GX 2015 replay: The State of Securing RESTful APIs with Spring

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2015.
Track: Web / Javascript track
Speaker: Rob Winch
The many benefits of a RESTful architecture has made it the standard way in which to design web based APIs. For example, the principles of REST state that we should leverage standard HTTP verbs which helps to keep our APIs simple. Server components that are considered RESTFul should be stateless which help to ensure that they can easily scale. We can leverage caching to gain further performance and scalability benefits.

However, the best practices of REST and security often seem to clash. How should a user be authenticated in a stateless application? How can a secured resource also support caching? Securing RESTful endpoints is further complicated by the the fact that security best practices evolve so rapidly.

In this talk Rob will discuss how to properly secure your RESTful endpoints. Along the way we will explore some common pitfalls when applying security to RESTful APIs. Finally, we will see how the new features in Spring Security can greatly simplify securing your RESTful APIs.

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