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SpringOne2GX 2015 replay: Federated Queries with HAWQ - SQL on Hadoop and Beyond

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2015
Presenter: Christian Tzolov
Big Data Track

In the space of Big Data, Pivotal offers two powerful data processing tools namely HAWQ and GemFire. HAWQ is a scalable OLAP SQL-on-Hadoop system, while GemFire is OLTP like, in-memory data grid and event processing system. This presentation will show different integration approaches that allow integration and data exchange between HAWQ and GemFire. The practical experience in applying Spring Boot and Spring XD for some of the use cases will be shared while walking you through the implementation of the different Integration strategies. Amongst other we will show an integration path that leverages SpringXD to ingest GemFire data and store it in HDFS as well as the benefits of using Spring Boot to implement REStful proxy for the HAWQ Web Table integration scenario.

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