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Spring XD 1.3.1 GA and Flo for Spring XD 1.0.1 GA released

Today we are pleased to announce the general availability of Spring XD 1.3.1 and Flo for Spring XD 1.0.1

  • Spring XD 1.3.1 GA: zip, brew and rpm.
  • Flo for Spring XD 1.0.1 GA: zip.

Here are some highlights of bug fixes and general improvements. Consult the JIRA release notes for the full list of issues fixed.

The next release line introduces a major redesign to the underlying architecture and breaking up Spring XD into several independent projects. Building upon Spring Boot and Spring Cloud capabilities, Spring XD is actively being redesigned as Spring Cloud Data Flow - a cloud native programming and operating model for composable message-driven microservices. More details can be found in the blog posts: Introducing Spring Cloud Data Flow and A Quick Look At Spring Cloud Data Flow. InfoQ also summarizes the changes in the article SpringXD being Re-architected and Re-branded to Spring Cloud Data Flow.

Feedback is very important, so please get in touch with questions and comments via
* StackOverflow spring-xd tag
* Spring JIRA or GitHub Issues

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