SpringOne2GX 2015 replay: Spring Integration Java DSL

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2015.
Presenter: Artem Bilan
Data & Integration

Spring Integration Java DSL is an organic extension of the Spring Integration programming model providing an alternative to XML configuration with the fusion of Spring Framework Java & Annotation configuration support, Spring Integration EIP implementation and the Builder pattern.

In this session we will talk about the Spring Integration Java DSL fluent API and how it allows you to easily and quickly add integration capabilities to your application using only Spring Java configuration. We will also demonstrate the benefits that Java 8 Lambda support provides, and those additions over the core Spring Integration that the Spring Integration Java DSL implements. We will also discuss concerns and restrictions such as method-chain complexity, pre-Java 8 support etc.

Finally, we will study how it is easy to contribute to the project, helping to fill the gaps, by implementing some protocol-specific adapter support during the talk.

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