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Spring Framework 4.3 goes RC1

Dear Spring community,

It is my pleasure to announce that a feature-complete Spring Framework 4.3 release candidate is available now! This is a perfect opportunity for you to get involved: Please run your regression tests against it, and of course, feel free to try the new features…

Dependency injection refinements:

  • @Autowired injection of Map/Collection beans and self references
  • @Autowired on configuration class constructors (finally!)
  • No need for declaring @Autowired on a unique non-default constructor
  • ObjectProvider as a richer variant of an ObjectFactory handle
  • InjectionPoint/DependencyDescriptor as an injectable argument for @Bean methods

MVC processing refinements:

  • Default processing of OPTIONS, HEAD, Allow and If-Unmodified-Since
  • Support for custom HTTP Vary configuration and HTTP Range on custom resources
  • Precomposed @GetMapping, @PostMapping, @RequestScope, @SessionScope etc
  • @RequestAttribute and @SessionAttribute as handler method arguments
  • Full support for Jackson 2.7’s new type resolution algorithm

Various infrastructural refinements across the framework:

  • Wider support for composed annotations and for placeholders/expressions in attributes
  • Richer programmatic metadata in core container exceptions
  • Component scanning in manifest-defined classpath entries
  • A background initialization option for bootstrapping JPA / Hibernate
  • A ‘sync’ flag on @Cacheable and support for the Caffeine cache provider

We are working towards an RC2 with some remaining fine-tuning and performance improvements in the meantime, preparing for 4.3’s general availability on June 1st!


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