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Reactor guides deprecated

Greetings Spring community,

There has been a lot of buzz in the past six months over Spring 5 and Reactive Streams support. I personally witnessed the number of questions Rossen received during his Reactive Spring MVC talk at DevNexus back in March. And his reactive talk at Spring I/O conference more recently was VERY popular to attenders.

Based on the huge leaps and bounds Project Reactor has made in the past two years, we are taking two of our guides down:

  • Creating an Asynchronous, Event-Driven Application with Reactor

  • Uploading pictures with Reactor

Those guides are over two years old, and as you know, in software land, that is ancient. They are based on an old, experimental API. Updating them isn’t just a lot of work. It doesn’t tell a good story of Reactor and Reactive Streams. Instead, the Reactor team is working on new examples, and when the API is firmed up, will look into writing new guides.

The source code for the guides will remain visible in github for a limited time.


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