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Spring Framework 5.0 M1 released

Dear Spring community,

It is my pleasure to announce that the first Spring Framework 5.0 milestone is available now: Check for how to obtain it from our milestone repository, and give it a spin while it’s hot!

Find out about the 5.0 M1 changes on our What’s New wiki page or in more detail on JIRA. Follow our master branch on GitHub for the latest updates.

Most importantly, our Spring Reactive initiative has been merged into Spring Framework proper, with core reactive functionality and reactive web endpoint support available out of the box now. Stay tuned for Rossen’s blog post on our reactive programming story in 5.0 M1!

This initial milestone covers all of our baseline upgrade efforts, in particular going JDK 8+ all across the codebase, plus support for JUnit 5 (which is currently at M2 itself). And it delivers fundamental JDK 9 compatibility at runtime as well as for the framework build and test suite.


P.S.: See you at SpringOne Platform 2016 in Las Vegas next week!

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