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Spring Cloud Data Flow for Apache YARN 1.0.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Spring Cloud Data Flow for Apache YARN 1.0.1.RELEASE.

Spring Cloud Data Flow for Apache YARN provides support for orchestrating long-running (streaming) and short-lived (task/batch) data microservices on Apache YARN.

Apart from usual minor fixes, we have worked on the following themes.

  • Support for kerberos and integration to automated ambari kerberos setup.
  • Support for HDFS HA Namenode setup.
  • New extension to dataflow-shell adding hadoop fs basic commands.

For a complete list of changes and improvements, please refer to
1.0.1.RELEASE server release, 1.0.1.RELEASE deployer release, 1.0-2.RELEASE rpm release and 1.0-2.RELEASE ambari plugin release.

The Spring Cloud Data Flow team will be talking at Spring One Platform, which will be taking place in Las Vegas between August 1-4 this year. There are many other great talks so check the agenda and get your ticket if you haven’t done so already.

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