Spring IO Platform Athens RC1

It’s my pleasure to announce that Spring IO Platform Athens-RC1 is available now from the Spring milestone repository.

This release is the first to adopt a new alphabetical versioning scheme similar to those already used by Spring Cloud and Spring Data. The theme for the Platform’s versions is world cities.

The Athens release upgrades the versions of a number of projects:

  • Spring Framework 4.3
  • Spring AMQP 1.6
  • Spring Boot 1.4
  • Spring Data Hopper
  • Spring Hateoas 0.20
  • Spring Integration 4.3
  • Spring LDAP 2.1
  • Spring REST Docs 1.1
  • Spring Security 4.1
  • Spring Session 1.2
  • Spring Web Services 2.3

The versions of numerous third-party dependencies have also been updated.

Please take RC1 for a spin and let us know if you find any problems. All being well, Athens-RELEASE will be available in early August. Update: Athens-RELEASE will now follow shortly after Spring Boot 1.4.1.RELEASE and should be available in mid-September.

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