Spring for Apache Kafka 1.0.3 available now

It is my pleasure to announce that the Spring for Apache Kafka 1.0.3 maintenance release is available now.

As usual, thanks to the community for any feedback and contribution as always!

This release contains several important bug fixes, including a memory leak when using manual acknowledgments; therefore an upgrade is highly recommended.

The addressed issues can be found here.

The project now properly handles kafka messages with null payloads, which is a common use case used to "delete" a key when using Kafka Log Compaction. @KafkaListener methods will now receive a null argument for such messages.

spring-messaging (and hence spring-integration-kafka) doesn’t support messages with a null payload. In spring-integration-kafka (version 2.0.1) such messages are represented with a payload of type KafkaNull - see the Project README for complete details.

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