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Spring Framework 5.0 M2 released

Dear Spring community,

It is my pleasure to announce that the second Spring Framework 5.0 milestone is available now: Check http://projects.spring.io/spring-framework/ for how to obtain it from our milestone repository, and keep your feedback coming!

This release introduces a functional web endpoint variant, based on the same foundation as our reactive @Controller model (introduced in 5.0 M1). Stay tuned for Arjen’s dedicated blog post, coming up tomorrow! Here’s a teaser…

RouterFunction<String> route =
        request -> Response.ok().body(fromObject("Hello World")));

On our mission towards Java 9, this is also our first framework version to allow for building on JDK 9 out of the box, including the entire test suite. We run on JDK 8 by default but you may simply switch JAVA_HOME to a JDK 9 installation instead.


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