Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.1 M2 Released

On behalf of the team, I am pleased to announce the release of the second milestone of Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.1. You can download the local server that is part of this release here.

The 1.1 M2 release includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Builds upon Boot 1.4.1 and Spring Cloud Camden improvements

  • Task application properties can now be referenced using non-prefixed property names

  • Add visual representation for related streams. This representation also includes nested TAPs and the downstream processing nodes in an overall topology view.

Visualization of Taps
  • The UI adds bulk import support for Task definitions. This allows importing task definitions from a file or the ability to add multiple task-definitions using the Flo-editor

  • The flo-editor embeds CodeMirror for incremental DSL syntax validation and error reporting. There’s also a toggle on/off button to enable and disable incremental validations.

  • Adds a form-based login page for non-OAUTH backend authentication methods such as the LDAP, Basic and File-based options.

  • Adds the ability to pass application specific properties via YAML file. This is particularly useful when deploying streams with that set many deployment properties.

  • Consolidates the following shell commands for ordering and consistency. “task display” changed to “task execution status”, “task status” is removed, use of <type>:<name> syntax for “app info <type>:<name>” and “app unregister <type>:<name>.

Review the 1.0.1.M2 release marker to learn more about the incremental improvements.

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