Spring Boot 1.5.0 RC1 Available Now

Spring Boot v1.5.0.RC1 is available now from the Spring milestone repository. This release closes over 220 issues and pull requests! Thanks to everyone that has contributed!

Highlights of the new release include:

  • Out of the box security for actuators
  • Auto-configured @IntegrationComponentScan
  • Auto-detection of spring.jpa.database
  • Support for Apache Kafka
  • Support for Cloud Foundry and actuator integration
  • Support for embedded in-memory LDAP server and auto-configuration for any compliant LDAP server
  • Upgrades to Spring Data Ingalls, Jetty 9.4, JooQ 3.9, AssertJ 2.6.0, Hikari 2.5 and Neo4J 2.1 and more
  • Upgrades to several Maven plugins

For a complete list of changes, and upgrade instructions, see the Spring Boot 1.5 Release Notes on the WIKI and the updated reference documentation.

Please do try 1.5.0.RC1 on your projects and let us know if you find any problems. Check the QuickStart instruction to upgrade your project to 1.5.0.RC1 or generate an empty project on for a concrete example.

Stay tuned for the upcoming 1.5.0.RELEASE scheduled for the end of the month!

Project Page | GitHub | Issues | Documentation

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