SpringOne Platform 2016 Replay: Operating a High Velocity Large Organization with Spring Cloud Microservices

Recorded at SpringOne Platform 2016.
Speakers: Noriaki Tatsumi, Capital One

Releases are hard for many large organizations with complex systems. Challenges like manual processes, change approvals, compliances, legacy systems, varying deployment targets, and scheduled downtimes prevent companies from releasing fast and frequently. Many of us know that when Continuous Delivery is embraced and microservices architecture is done right, those challenges can become things of the past. Some high performing companies like Netflix have successfully demonstrated the concept. Now it’s your turn. This presentation prepares you to build a microservices architecture that’s not only reliable, resilient, and scalable but also addresses the challenges large organizations typically face.

One of the missions of Capital One’s Security and Technology Analytics division is to improve detection and prevention of cyberattacks across all of the Capital One enterprise systems. We envision, create, deploy, and maintain critical security tools powered by streaming big data, state of the art machine learning, micro-services architecture, and beautiful visualizations both in the cloud and our data centers. We have a need to build, test, and release software fast and frequently with multiple teams in a reliable way. The security analysts and the data scientists frequently introduce new feature requirements and experiments in small batches. The presentation is based on our approach and experience.

We will dive into the technical details on how Spring Cloud empowers developers to build the patterns and components of microservices foundation quickly. The subtopics include:

Core patterns and components of microservices architecture and their roles
Identification of common challenges large organizations face and how microservices architecture addresses them
Building a reusable, sharable, and portable microservices foundation
Sample code and demos to show how easily developers can get started with building microservices architecture using Spring Cloud
We will conclude the presentation by realizing how feasible and realistic it is for your organization to be the next high velocity organization that leverages the benefits of microservices, powered by Spring Cloud.

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