Spring Team at Devoxx US 2017

Join the Spring Team at the 1st ever Devoxx event in the United States on March 21-23, 2017!
Pivotal is sponsoring and will be at booth # 104 from 10am-8pm on Tuesday March 21st, and 9:45am - 4:30pm on Wednesday March 22rd.

We will have experts available to talk to you about Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Cloud Data Flow, Cloud Foundry, and much more. Stop by and learn about Cloud Native Java from the leaders at Pivotal.

Don’t miss talks from Spring leaders on Cloud-Native, Reactive Spring, Eclipse and Big Data!

Cloud Native Java with Josh Long
Room 7 - Tuesday from 11:30 AM til 12:20 PM

Reactive Spring with Josh Long and Mark Heckler
Room 1 - Tuesday from 3:00 PM til 3:50 PM

Navigate All the Knowledge with James Weaver
Room 2 - Wednesday from 2:30 PM til 3:20 PM

Next Level Spring Boot Tooling with Martin Lippert
Room 7 - Wednesday from 3:30 PM til 4:00 PM

If you are attending Eclipse Converge, Martin Lippert will also be presenting
A sneak peek into the Spring Boot language server
Room C - Monday, March 20, 2017 - 15:45 to 16:20

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