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Spring Framework 5.0 M5 released

Dear Spring community,

Leading into 2017, the fifth Spring Framework 5.0 milestone is available now. Once again, please check the project page for how to obtain it from our milestone repository.

This is the last milestone before we enter the release candidate phase. Our feature-complete RC1 is planned for early April, initiating a series of release candidates up until June. With this timeline, against near-final releases of OpenJDK 9 and several EE 8 specifications, our 5.0 generation covers early JDK 9 support as well as Servlet 4.0 and Bean Validation 2.0 already.

On another front, 5.0 M5 finally introduces a dedicated name for our reactive web framework: It is my pleasure to publicly announce Spring WebFlux, with the spring-web-reactive module renamed to spring-webflux now! (Please adjust your dependency setup accordingly.)

Please see Rossen’s dedicated blog post, highlighting the latest and greatest around our WebFlux story and also the Reactor Aluminium-SR1 release announcement…


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