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Spring Cloud Stream Chelsea.SR2 Released

On behalf of the community, I am happy to announce the release of Spring Cloud Stream Chelsea.SR2. This is the second general availability release in the Chelsea release train, which fixes a number of issues over Chelsea.SR1.

The new release is available in Maven Central, and a detailed description of its features can be found in the reference documentation. For information about artifacts and most recent changes, please consult the release notes.

What is next:

After the release, we will start working on the next Spring Cloud Stream release train, named Ditmars, as well as expand the Spring Cloud Stream ecosystem. In parallel with developing the Ditmars release train, we will start work on the Elmhurst release train which will be based on Spring Framework 5 and Spring Boot 2.

Here are some of the upcoming themes:

  • Improving error handling support in the binder, as well as providing a user-friendly API for recovery and error handling

  • Milestone (1.0.0.M1) release for the JMS binder

  • Introduce Kafka Streams support in kafka binder.

  • Reactive sources

  • Performance benchmarking


I would like to thank everyone involved for their support. In particular, I would like to extend special thanks to the community members that have contributed to this release by opening issues or providing patches:

As always, you can stay in touch with us either in GitHub, on Stack Overflow, on Gitter, or on Twitter (hashtag #Stream or #SpringCloudStream).

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