Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.2.2 Released

On behalf of the team, I am pleased to announce the general availability of Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.2.2.

Local Server: Quick Start, Getting Started Guide

Due to the popular demand from the community, the primary goal of this maintenance release is to bring Spring Boot 1.5.4 compatibility in Spring Cloud Data Flow.

  • Since it includes refactoring efforts to adapt to a bug fix introduced in a Spring Data maintenance release that is pulled in by Spring Boot, this is not a simple version upgrade.
  • As reported by the community, a side effect of this update surfaced pagination problems in the clients. It has been reworked both in the client and server-side.

This release also includes the usual bugfixes, documentation updates, and test coverage improvements - more details in the release notes.

Feedback is important. Please reach out to us in StackOverflow and GitHub for questions and feature requests. We also welcome contributions! Any help improving the Spring Cloud Data Flow ecosystem is appreciated.

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