Spring Integration Extension for Hazelcast 1.0.0 GA Available

On behalf of the Spring Integration community I’d like to announce the GA release of Spring Integration Extension for Hazelcast. Its artifact is spring-integration-hazelcast.1.0.0.RELEASE and is available in the Release Repository and Maven Central.

Since the previous Milestone 1 and Milestone 2 we have done some bug fixes and internal improvements. The new features added since there are for Spring Integration utilities support which are useful in distributed, clustered applications:

  • HazelcastMessageStore

  • HazelcastLockRegistry

  • HazelcastMetadataStore

See their JavaDocs and respective chapters in the Spring Integration Reference Manual for more information.

We don’t have any particular plans for the next version yet, so, do not hesitate to contact with us via any available communication channel to share your point of view for this project!

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