Spring Framework 5.0 RC4 available now

Dear Spring community,

It is my pleasure to announce that our fourth and last Spring Framework 5.0 release candidate is available now, aligned with Reactor 3.1 RC1 as well as yesterday’s JUnit 5.0 GA, and serving as a foundation for the upcoming Spring Boot 2.0 M4!

Spring Framework 5.0 RC4 also comes with first-class support for the final version of the Servlet 4.0 API, provides fine-tuned integration with Hibernate Validator 6.0 and is up-to-date with Jackson 2.9.1 and Kotlin 1.1.4. Our dependency baseline is therefore almost complete, with just Reactor 3.1 GA and a few JDK 9 related updates (e.g. ASM 6.0) to happen still.

Next up: Spring Framework 5.0 GA, scheduled for September 28th!
We’ll celebrate it shortly thereafter with our release webinar on October 4th. Feel free to join!


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