Spring Integration for AWS 1.1 GA Available

I am pleased to announce that the 1.1.0.RELEASE of Spring Integration for Amazon Web Services is now available in the Spring release repository and Maven Central.

First of all thanks to all community members for any feedback and contributions to make features in this project available!

Some highlights what we have after a year and a couple months of amazing team work:

  • S3StreamingMessageSource to get access to S3 resources content on demand;

  • KinesisMessageHandler and KinesisMessageDrivenChannelAdapter for interaction with AWS Kinesis service;

  • DynamoDbMetaDataStore to store metadata in the AWS DymanoDB table;

  • And, of course, a ton of bug fixes!

Just after this release we are going to switch master to version 2.0 and make it based not only on Spring Integration 5.0, but on the Spring Cloud 2.0, as well. And of course more and more Spring abstractions over AWS are waiting for you there!

Also, make sure you’re not going to miss this year’s SpringOne Platform conference that’s packed with many Spring talks, opportunities to learn about the latest and greatest features and of course some previews about what we’re planning to do next.

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