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Reactor Bismuth-SR5 is out!

Improvements, new features, and fixes have landed in a Maven Central mirror near you under Bismuth-SR5 Bill Of Material. This version is now used by Spring Framework 5.0.3 and the upcoming Spring Boot 2.0.RC1! Our site projectreactor.io has been updated with the latest versions.

Reactor-Core 3.1.3

release notes

A quality update including more than a dozen fixes and just a couple new features: new Flux#delaySequence and Signal#getContext access to the current flow Context.

reactor-test also welcomed new features including Context verification facilities and a StepVerifier#toString implementation.

We are now working on 3.1.4.RELEASE. Have a look at our issues backlog.

Reactor Addons 3.1.4

release notes

In this release, we improved our Retry and Repeat facilities timing handling.
We are also featuring our first new advanced caching helpers for Flux and Mono . They will allow easy storage implementation choices as well as providing the expected behavior for consuming subscribers.

Below is a quick snippet using an arbitrary hash-map that demonstrates an upstream flow is only subscribed once regardless of the multiple verifications:

Map<String, List> data = new HashMap<>();

Flux<Integer> cached = CacheFlux.lookup(data, "foo", Integer.class)
		     .onCacheMissResume(Flux.just(1, 2, 3).log());

             .expectNext(1, 2, 3)
//prints 1, 2, 3

             .expectNext(1, 2, 3)
//prints nothing

We are now working on 3.1.5.RELEASE, and our community is invited to submit ideas for more extensions or operators. We already have another fantastic PR in progress from Oleg Dokuka about IO extensions for Flux

Reactor Netty 0.7.3

release notes

A recommended update that fixes a race condition when publishing the stream body from a different thread than one of Netty’s own threads. We now also support KQueue as an alternative to Epoll. Also HttpClient has been updated to emit an error on premature HTTP response completion.

We are now working on the 0.7.4.RELEASE and the following 0.8.0. Keep in mind the next major version will bring important API changes and for that reason we strongly recommend to use an adapting layer instead of exposing the reactor-netty API directly. Or simply use Spring Framework which does exactly that on both the client and server sides.

Extra Stuff

Last month, we had a chance to speak at SpringOne Platform. You can view the slides online and watch the video replay.

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