Spring Data Lovelace M1 released.

On behalf of the Spring Data team I’m happy to announce the first milestone of the Lovelace release train. The release ships over 200 tickets fixed! The most important new features are:

  • JPA 2.2 result streaming.
  • MongoDB Validator and JsonSchema support.
  • Support for MongoDB Change Streams.
  • Neo4J OGM 3.1 upgrade.
  • Exist/Count projections as well as a fluent template API in Spring Data for Apache Cassandra.
  • Spring Data for Apache Geode added JCache Annotation support.
  • Query By Example for Redis repository abstractions.
  • Spring Data REST offers more fine grained method exposure mechanisms.

In addition to that, we’re happy to now have Spring Data JDBC join the release train with a first milestone. Make sure to check it out!

Please find a curated changelog in our release train wiki or skim through a full list of changes in JIRA. Watch out for updated Examples and upcoming milestones.

The easiest way to play with the new version is declaring the spring-data-releasetrain.version property to Lovelace-M1 in your Spring Boot 2 application.

We’re looking forward to your feedback!

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