Spring Vault 2.0 GA released

On behalf of the community, I’m pleased to announce the general availability of Spring Vault 2.0. Since the first efforts for Spring Vault 2.0, it has been a 10 months ride until we reached this GA release. These are the most significant changes in Spring Vault 2.0:

  • Upgrade to Java 8 and Spring Framework 5.
  • Reactive Support.
  • Improved null-safety by providing JSR-305 annotated API.
  • Vault repository support through Spring Data KeyValue repositories.
  • Kubernetes, AWS ECS/IAM authentication.
  • RoleId/SecretId unwrapping for AppId authentication.
  • Spring Security integration with VaultBytesEncryptor and VaultRandomBytesKeyGenerator.

This release is compatible with Vault version from 0.5.2 up to 0.9.3 and will be picked up by Spring Cloud Vault 2.0 M6 for your convenience.


We’re aiming towards a 2.0 release with Spring Cloud Vault to provide full interoperability with the upcoming Spring Boot 2.0 release. Besides that, we want to support Google Cloud authentication and add support for the JOSE/JWT backend once it arrives in Vault.

For a complete list of changes see the changelog.

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