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Spring Cloud Open Service Broker M1 released

We are pleased to announce the first milestone release of Spring Cloud Open Service Broker 2.0.0.

This project was formerly named Spring Cloud - Cloud Foundry Service Broker. A lot has changed in the few years since that project was released. The service broker API that the project implements is no longer specific to Cloud Foundry but has been donated to the Open Service Broker API project and is implemented by Kubernetes and other platforms. The new project name reflects this evolution and openness.

In addition to a new name, some highlights of the 2.0 version are:

  • Requires Java 8, Spring Framework 5, and Spring Boot 2
  • Supports inclusion in either a Spring MVC or a Spring WebFlux application
  • Provides improved Spring Boot auto-configuration

See the project page for more information about using the project to build a service broker.

If you’ve been using Spring Cloud - Cloud Foundry Service Broker 1.0, we’d appreciate feedback on the upgrade experience to Spring Cloud Open Service Broker 2.0. A migration guide is available to help with the transition.

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