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Spring Vault 2.1 goes RC

On behalf of the community, I’d like to announce the availability of the Spring Vault 2.1 release candidate. Spring Vault 2.1 requires JDK 8 or higher and specifically supports JDK 11 as the next long-term support release. This release ships with 15 tickets fixed along with some refinements for Java 9 to 11. The most notable changes are:

  • Support for Azure authentication with managed service instances on VMs.
  • GCP IAM authentication support on behalf of service accounts.

This release is compatible with Vault versions from 0.5.2 up to 0.11.1.

Next Steps

We are aiming for a GA release in early October and expect bugfixes along with dependency upgrades. We’re working towards the next Spring Vault 2.2 release to ship with annotation-based configuration for the versioned Vault key-value backend.

For a complete list of changes see the changelog.

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