Reactor Bismuth-SR13 and Californium-SR2 available now !

Engineering | Stephane Maldini | October 31, 2018 | ...

Californium Update

On behalf of the Reactor team, I am pleased to announce that Californium-SR2 release train is available now.

This maintenance release of the Californium line includes the following dependencies updates:

Bismuth Update

We also have shipped Bismuth-SR13. This maintenance release of the Bismuth line includes the following dependencies updates:

Thanks a lot to our contributors, and as usual, update while it's hot :)


The team was quite active in various conferences this last month, you can catch up with our latest presentations on Youtube from SpringOne Platform and Oracle Code One

One Last Thing

The list above is far from exhaustive, you can browse the full list of videos from SpringOne to find more Reactive content. Make sure to check out our latest incubating reactive project: R2DBC, an initiative to bring Reactive Streams to relational database access. Also, take a deeper look at RSocket for more details about Reactive Streams applied to network communications.

Project Page | GitHub | Documentation

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