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This Week in Spring - 1 January 2019

Hi Spring fans! Happy New Years to you! Here’s hoping that your new year is healthier and happier than the last. Did you notice that spiffy new numeral in the date? 2019? Isn’t that ’perty?? We made it! (We’re now a year away from 2020! I don’t know why that year holds so much sway for me…)

Also, this is the eighth anniversary of This Week in Spring! I started this series in the first week of January 2011. We’ve come a long way since then! This is as good a time as any to remind you that I love this community and I love reading what you’re up to. It’s a pleasure to learn with you. As always, I’m grateful for any contributions in this humble roundup; just hit me up on Twitter. My Direct Messages are wide-open. Thank you for everything you’ve done to drive this and for everything I know you will do, dear reader.

Now then, I’m technically on vacation so I’m going to make this a short-and-sweet installment. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

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