Spring for Apache Kafka 2.3 Milestone 2

We are pleased to announce the availability of the second milestone of the Spring for Apache Kafka 2.3 release - 2.3.0.M2.


  • SeekToCurrentErrorHandler can be configured to not retry certain exceptions.

  • The new RecoveringDeserializationExceptionHandler can recover from failed deserialization operations in Kafka Streams applications, for example to send the failed message to a dead-letter topic.

  • The new HeaderEnricher transformer can be added to a Kafka Streams topology to add headers.

  • The new MessagingTransformer can be used to invoke a Spring Integration flow within a Kafka Streams topology.

  • The new AggregatingReplyingKafkaTemplate can send a record and wait for responses from multiple consumers.

For more information see the What’s New chapter in the documentation and the change logs.

In addition, Spring Integration for Apache Kafka (spring-integration-kafka) 3.2.0.M2 is available; it is based on Spring for Apache Kafka 2.3 and Spring Integration 5.2.

  • The KafkaMessageSource consumer can now be paused/resumed.

  • The KafkaMessageSource consumer can now be configured to retrieve multiple records on each poll.

  • XML configuration is now available for all components.

See the Spring Integration Chapter for more information.

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