Spring Integration 5.2 Milestone 2 Available

On behalf of Spring Integration team I am pleased to announce that Spring Integration 5.2.0.M2 is available.

It can be downloaded from our milestone repository:

compile "org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-core:5.2.0.M2"


  • The RSocket channel adapters are available now for full reactive network interaction between client and server. See spring-integration-rsocket module and RSocketInboundGateway & RSocketOutboundGateway JavaDocs, respectively

  • Kotlin Jsr223 scripting support has been added into spring-integration-scripting module

  • The CacheRequestHandlerAdvice was introduced to perform caching operations on the handleRequestMessage() method in the AbstractReplyProducingMessageHandler implementations

  • The RateLimiterRequestHandlerAdvice is also available for limiting access to the handleRequestMessage() method logic

  • The Splitter component now can be configured with a discardChannel to send those request messages for which a splitting function returns empty collection

  • The MailReceiver implementations can now be configured with the autoCloseFolder = false option to not close the mail folder just after fetching, allowing a proper mail message multi-part content processing

For more information see the What’s New chapter in the documentation and the change logs.

Any feedback, feature ideas, critics, bug reports and questions are welcome via appropriate communication channels:

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