Java CFEnv 1.1.0.M1 Released


On behalf of the community I am happy to announce the release of Java CFEnv 1.1 M1.

This release brings in contributions from several teams

  • EMC Volume Service

  • Pivotal Single Sign-On Service

  • Pivotal Redis Service

Support for Volume Services is a new feature. Single Sign-On functionality has been improved to set Spring Security auto-configuration properties for Spring Security 5’s OAuth support. The Redis support has been improved to support auto-configuration of TLS.

The project README has more information.

A release candidate is going out next week, followed quickly by a GA release. Please try it out and give feedback on our github issues page.


For those who may have missed the first release announcement, the Java CFEnv library allows you to easily access environment variables set when deploying an application to Cloud Foundry. It is modeled after the design of the library node-cfenv and other *-cfenv libraries in the Cloud Foundry ecosystem.

The library also sets common application properties in Spring Boot so that Java objects such as the DataSource or the RabbitConnectionFactory are created using Spring Boot auto-configuration. It is a replacement for the Spring Cloud Connectors library which is now is maintenance mode.

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