New Spring Integration, AMQP, Kafka Maintenance and Milestone Releases

We are pleased to announce the following maintenance releases are now available.

All users are encouraged to upgrade to these versions

Spring for Apache Kafka

In addition, milestone 4 (and the previously unannounced milestone 3) of the next generations are also available:

Spring Integration

Highlights in these Milestones

  • RabbitMQ - support for consumer side batching (List<?> payloads from multiple source messages or producer batches)

  • Multi-page reference manual to speed browser load time

  • Control Bus support for Pausable components

  • Flux<?>-based aggregator

  • Validation support for inbound HTTP components

  • New header aggregation strategy to customize aggregator behavior

  • Improved exception information making it easier to identify where a failure occurred

  • FTP/SFTP server application event publishers for Apache MINA servers

Spring AMQP (Spring for RabbitMQ)

Highlights in these Milestones

  • Shuffle option to randomize node when connecting to a cluster

  • Consumer-side batching (get a List<Message> based on a batch size or receive timeout)

  • Batching support with @RabbitListener

Spring for Apache Kafka

Highlights in these Milestones

  • Option to use thread-bound Producer s

  • Add RecordInterceptor to the listener container

  • Add delegating serializer/deserializer to support multiple types

  • Add relative seek capability to ConsumerSeekAware (seek to current - 1, for example)

  • Add seek to timestamp to ConsumerSeekAware

  • Simplified embedded kafka configuration when using Spring Boot

  • Support for custom correlation and reply-to headers in ReplyingKafkaTemplate

  • Documentation improvements

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