Spring HATEOAS 1.0.0.RELEASE is released!

Dear Spring community, we’re proud to announce the general availability of Spring HATEOAS 1.0.0.

Here’s the summary:

  • Upgrade to Spring Framework 5.2.0.RELEASE.

  • Upgrade to Reactor Dysprosium-RELEASE.

  • Upgrade to Jackson 2.10.0.

  • Clarify expected behaviour around EntityLinks when using Spring WebFlux.

  • Fix i18n support to work in broader scenarios.

  • Update documentation to show how to create an ALPS serving controller for profile purposes.

  • Fix example in docs to reflect requirement for _prompt for property I18N.

  • Update reference docs to reflect new APIs, SPIs, and package structures.

At this point, the master branch has been bumped up to 1.1.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT so we can start new work. Branch 1.0.x has been created and set to 1.0.1.BUILD-SNAPSHOT for maintenance purposes. And we’re still maintaining 0.25.x to support Spring Boot 2.1 If you find any bugs, let us know!

Community support

Community is important. That’s why we opened a Spring HATEOAS Gitter channel. Come and join us! If you are using Spring HATEOAS to build an API and have a question or are broken down somewhere, come and find us. The community is here to help.

Anything missing? Let us know! With over 13 closed issues, be sure to check things out. And let us know what you think!

Check out the project links below.

Being a full release, you can find the artifacts on Maven Central.

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