Spring for Apache Kafka 2.4 is Available

To support last week’s Apache Kafka 2.4.0 release, I am pleased to announce that the Spring for Apache Kafka 2.4 - 2.4.0.RELEASE - is available in maven central.

This version is essentially functionally equivalent to 2.3.x, but is compiled against the 2.4.0 kafka-clients and supports the new incremental rebalancing protocol.

The 2.4.0 kafka-clients are not binary compatible with Spring for Apache Kafka 2.3 so if you wish to use the 2.4.0 clients, you must upgrade to this version. See the appendix in the reference manual for how to override the jar versions, especially if you are using Spring Boot for dependency management and/or you are using the test embedded Kafka broker.

At the time of writing, it is expected that the next Spring Boot version (2.3) will pull in 2.4.x of this project via its dependency management.

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