Spring Data Neumann goes RC1

I’m pleased to announce that Spring Data Neumann has entered the release candidate phase with 86 tickets fixed. This release is the first of two release candidates. This release candidate ships with a series of noteworthy changes:

  • Upgrade to Couchbase SDK 3.
  • Spring Data MongoDB no longer automatically creates indexes from @Indexed annotations by default.
  • The Cassandra module supports configurable naming strategies and ships with a revised data type resolution mechanism.
  • Spring Data Elasticsearch now supports auditing and entity callbacks.
  • Support for query derivation in Spring Data R2DBC.
  • Dialect discovery for Spring Data JDBC, supporting H2, HSQLDB, Postgres, MariaDB, MySQL, and SQL Server.
  • Upgrade to Querydsl 4.3.
  • Ready for JDK 14.

We’re working now towards a second release candidate that is, at this point, scheduled for late April and a GA release in early May. Stay tuned for the first Spring Boot 2.3 release candidate in the next days.

Lastly, here are the links to the individual modules along with their documentation:

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