Spring Data Neumann SR1, Moore SR8, and Lovelace SR18 available now

On behalf of the team, I’m pleased to announce Spring Data releases Neumann SR1, Moore SR8, and Lovelace SR18. Those service releases are built on top of Spring Framework releases 5.2.7 (Neumann and Moore) and 5.1.16 (Lovelace) and ship with mostly dependency upgrades and fixes, along with a few selected improvements.

Spring Data Neumann SR1 contains 59 improvements and fixes. Spring Data Moore SR8 ships with 55 fixes and improvements. Finally, Spring Data Lovelace SR18 includes 38 selected fixes.

All service released will be picked up by the upcoming Spring Boot 2.3.1, 2.2.8, respective 2.1.15 releases for your convenience.

To round things off, here are the links to the individual modules along with their documentation:

Neumann SR1

Moore SR8

Lovelace SR18

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