Spring Cloud Data Flow 2.6.0 Released

Spring Cloud Data Flow team is pleased to announce the release of 2.6.0.

This 2.6.0 adds usual bug fixes and the following key highlights:

  • Wavefront
    New integration to monitor streams and tasks using Wavefront. More
    about this feature can be found from Stream Monitoring and Task Monitoring

  • Platform Support for Scheduling
    Tasks scheduling now have a platform support. See Scheduling Tasks

  • Java CFEnv
    We’re now on a new version of Java CFEnv which greatly improves user experience when there is a need to bind to user created services.

  • Bitnami
    We’ve moved from a Helm Hub to Bitnami as a helm chart storage.

  • Composed Task Runner as SCDF native module
    Composed Task Runner is now an integral part of SCDF itself and gets registered implicitly while the users who have the custom composed task runner can still override the native one. This enables us to integrate the composed tasks management within the context of Spring Cloud Data Flow.

  • Stream Applications
    This is also a good reminder what’s happening on our application space by following blog series Creating a Supplier Function and generating Spring Cloud Stream Source

Stay in touch…

As always, we welcome feedback and contributions, so please reach out to us on Stack Overflow or GitHub or via Gitter.

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