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Spring Data 2020.0 RC2 out now

Dear Spring community,

On behalf of the Spring Data team and everyone who contributed, it’s my pleasure to announce that Spring Data 2020.0.0 RC2 is available from the milestone repository.
This release ships with 87 tickets fixed. The most notable changes are:

  • PagingAndSortingRepository support for Apache Geode.
  • Support for the REVERSERANGEBYLEX command and the KEEPTTL and JUSTID flags in Redis.
  • Additional MongoDB aggregation pipeline operators:$unionWith, $function, and $accumulator.
  • Cyclic data loading strategy improvements in Neo4j.
  • A dedicated Cassandra DataClass row mapper.
  • Suspendible repository query methods for use with Kotlin.

Please give Spring Data 2020.0.0-RC2 a try (for example, as part of the upcoming Spring Boot 2.4 M4 release, which will be available start.spring.io soon) and let us know about any regressions or other issues.

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