Spring Integration 5.4 Release Candidate 1 Available

Dear Spring community,

it’s my pleasure to announce the first (and the last) release candidate for Spring Integration 5.4 generation.

It can be downloaded from our milestone repository:

compile 'org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-core:5.4.0-RC1'

Since the previous milestone 3 this release brings more into bug fixes and some internal improvements according Project Reactor changes with processors.

The most notable features in this release are:

  • The LogAccessor abstraction from Spring Framework is now used internally for better code readability;

  • The ZeroMqMessageHandler and ZeroMqMessageProducer components are now available for one-way interaction with ZeroMq;

  • The ReactiveRedisStreamMessageProducer now provides an error handling logic via sending an ErrorMessage to the errorChannel;

  • The AbstractMailReceiver now has an option to not fetch a MimeMessage content eagerly and lets the downstream flow to decide what and how to do with such a mail message.

See What’s New in documentation for more information.

This version is going to be pulled in the upcoming Spring Boot 2.4.0-M4 release tomorrow.

It is a perfect time now to report (or contribute) bugs and improvements since we are heading for GA in a couple weeks!


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