This Week in Spring - December 15th, 2020

Engineering | Josh Long | December 16, 2020 | ...

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! Can you believe it's already December 15th? Me either! Another few weeks and this soul annhilating year will be over with and we'll be staring down 2021 filled with new hopes and possibilities! How are you? (Have you dipped into the eggnog yet?) I'm doing alright, thanks! I've been busy, as usual.

Most of that was fun stuff. But, some of that, I confess, was a mess of my own making. I spent Monday cleaning up a fire I'd set for myself. You see, I got a little sloppy with last week's podcast episode. Last week, I was editing the audio for an episode with Spring Batch colead Mahmoud Ben Hassine and - in the middle of that - was pushing an interview I'd done with Dion Almaer out the door for publication that week. So, two episodes: one with Dion, one with Mahmoud. Dion was slated for last week. Mahmoud's was slated for a future week. On top of that I've been toiling night and day it feels like on the production pipeline for my podcasts, living that kubectl apply -k $WORKING_DIR life, and I was tired of some of the issues still lingering but figured I could, basically trust the system. So I published the episode with Dion. I got everything right, except the interview was with Mahmoud. Not Dion. So it said Dion. But I'd accidentally sent out the wrong episode. Awkward. Worse, after I published that episode, figuring I had a week to make a mess before I'd next have to publish an episode, I started making a mess of the codebase. I broke stuff. Would've been no big deal. I would've sorted it out! But yesterday, Monday, I realize people are complaining that I'd bungled the audio: published the preface and description for Dion but published the audio interview with Mahmoud. So I raced to fix it, except production was down! So I spent Monday dodging between meetings and calls and trying to get the system restored. I finally got the system on its feet again late last night - both episodes with the correct titling and audio and links and photos went out and it was good. Thank you so much for your patience, community. I have egg on my face.

Anyway, everything's fine now. I'm not gonna touch a thing until the new episode, due later this week, rolls out! And, bonus, you get not one, but two episodes this week: I published both episodes last night. So, in total, you'll get three episodes in a seven-day period, not one. Huzzah.

This morning I had the privilege of speaking at the Warsaw JUG at their last meeting for the year. Thank you so much for a lively crowd and a wonderful event, Warsaw!

Now then, we've got a lot of good stuff to get to this week so, without further ado...

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