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Bootiful Cassandra with DataStax's Patrick McFadin, Cedrick Lunven, and Spring's Josh Long

Hi, Spring fans! DataStax and Spring are the classic Netflixian definition of a cloud-native, and for good reason:

  • they scales
  • they’re easy
  • they’re easily operationalized

In this video, join DataStax’s Patrick McFadin (@PatrickMcFadin), Cedrick Lunven (@clunven), and the Spring team’s Josh Long (@starbuxman) as they introduce Bootiful Cassandra and look at some of the technology that continues to power some of the largest websites on the planet.

Register for DataStax Astra now and try this code anytime. You don’t need a credit card, and you get $25.00 USD credit every month, which gives you roughly 30M reads, 5M writes, 40GB storage monthly. That’s sufficient enough to run this demo and even a small production workload.

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