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Spring Integration 5.5 RC1, 5.4.6 & 5.3.7 Available

Dear Spring community,

On behalf of the team and all the contributors, it’s my pleasure to announce a Release Candidate 1 for Spring Integration 5.5, plus Spring Integration 5.4.6 & 5.3.7 patch versions.

The latest two can be downloaded from Maven Central and it is recommended to upgrade your projects or just pull them transitively from respective latest Spring Boot patch versions!

The Release Candidate is available from the https://repo.spring.io/milestone/ repository:

compile 'org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-core:5.5.0-RC1'

Here is a highlight of changes made to Spring Integration 5.5 RC1 since previously announced Milestone 3:

  • A basic support for Spring Native compatibility - a lot of bean definition reflection has been reworked to the functional style, which improves a start up time even for regular JVM application!

  • WebSocket server endpoint-based channel adapters can now be registered (and removed) at runtime;

  • The MessageGroup abstraction has now a condition property which can be consulted later on instead of the whole group iteration. The AbstractCorrelatingMessageHandler, in turn, exposes a BiFunction<Message<?>, String, String> conditionSupplier to extract possible group condition from the currently processed message;

  • The DelayHandler now registers a TransactionSynchronization to schedule a delay task only when current transaction is committed;

  • Some other bug fixes and minor improvements, including IMAP idle channel adapter race condition, the exception swallowing in the IntegrationReactiveUtils, the ByteBuffer cast to Buffer for Java 8 compatibility. Many of them have been back-ported to the mentioned above 5.3.7 & 5.4.6 patch versions.

See What’s New in documentation for more information. Be sure to consult the Migration Guide since the upgrade may cause some breaking changes!

Any feedback and contributions are welcome while we are heading to GA in May!


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