Webinar: Accelerate Spring Apps to Cloud at Scale

Ready to take Spring Boot apps to the happiest place on earth - production at enterprise scale - with Azure Spring Cloud and without worrying about infrastructure, application life cycle, monitoring, container intricacies, Kubernetes. Join Microsoft’s Asir Vedamuthu Selvasingh (@asirselvasingh), next week, at 10-11 AM CT, May 4th, 2021, and learn how enterprise leaders:

  • Run Spring apps in the cloud at enterprise scale.
  • Improve developer productivity with DevOps tooling integration and continuous integration and continuous deployment.
  • Enforce a Zero Trust security model with secrets management, secure communications, and virtual networks.
  • Keep an eye on production and quickly troubleshoot issues with monitoring tools of your choice.
  • Drive higher utilization of resources and pay only for what you use with Autoscale.
  • Deliver value faster to their end customers.

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