Spring Data 2021.1.0-M1 released

On behalf of the team, I’m pleased to announce the availability of the Spring Data 2021.1.0-M1 milestone release.

The release is built on top of Spring Framework 5.3.9. For your convenience, you can consume this release through Spring Boot 2.6.0-M1, which our team mates on the Boot team will release in about a week.

The 2021.1 release train ships a set of features and dependency upgrades.
The most important changes are:

  • Upgrade to Querydsl 5.
  • Support for a wide range of Redis 6.2 commands.
  • Support for dialect-dependent custom conversions in Spring Data JDBC. This was used to improve the support of java.time types across multiple databases.
  • Support for streaming large result sets in Spring Data JDBC.
  • Support for AggregateReference in query derivation.
  • REF_CURSOR support for stored procedures in Spring Data JPA.
  • Upgrade to MongoDB Driver 4.3 and initial support for MongoDB Server 5.0 Time Series.
  • Spring Data MongoDB comes with extended capabilities for linking documents and offers, next to the existing DBRef approach, a property-based solution that uses simple values, such as the target _id or a combination of fields to link to another document.
    The sample below shows the reference to a collection of Account documents through their _id in Java code and how it is represented in MongoDB:

    class Person {
      String id;
      List<Account> accounts;
      "_id" : …,
      "accounts" : [ "6509b9e" … ]

See the wiki page of the Spring Data 2021.1 release train for further details.
We’re working towards a second milestone in August and a third one in September. We plan for a GA release in November. We’re looking forward to your feedback!

To round things off, here are the links to the artifacts, changelogs, and documentation:


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