This Week in Spring - August 24th, 2021

Engineering | Josh Long | August 24, 2021 | ...

Hi, Spring fans, and welcome to another riveting roundup of all the news that's fit to reprint in the Java and Spring ecosystems, with apologies, as always, to The Times. We're a week away from SpringOne 2021, our annual, free, and utterly online tentpole conference featuring hundreds of hours of amazing technical content from speakers all around the world and tens of thousands of attendees with whom to partake in the festivities. Do not miss this! I'll be there!

I get so excited in the leadup to SpringOne each year, and this year doubly so! First, there's the usual monumental scope of the whole thing, which always gets me. I also just got my first (of hopefully many) negative COVID-19 tests a few days ago, after three weeks of convalescence. Huzzah! I'm still taking it easy, trying to make sure I stay on the good side of the hospital doors, and that I don't relapse or incur any of the possible repercussions of COVID post-recovery. All that to say that SpringOne, this year, a year in which we - a worldwide community - have been through hell and back and still shipped paradigm-shifting, game-changing software, and a year in which I fought COVID-19, is going to be extra special for me. I got so excited I started tweeting poetry :-)

Anyway, enough about this and that, let's get to the roundup! There's a ton of good stuff my friends!

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