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This Week in Spring - September 14th, 2021

Hi, Spring fans! It’s September 14th! I can’t believe it. I know this is a common refrain on my weekly posts, but can you believe it’s already nearly Fall and Winter? What is happening?? How’d we get here so quickly?

Anyway, how are you doin’? I’m doing alright! It’s been kinda a crazy week. I was in the studio all day and some of the night yesterday filming a new Livelessons video that I can’t wait for y’all to see. (But be forewarned: there will be .YAML!)

Then, at 3am my time, I did a presentation for the Japanese Java User Group. This would be one thing in of itself, but what made this special for me was that I was supposed to appear at the JJUG six weeks ago. Yes, that six weeks ago. The same six weeks ago when I was convalescing with COVID-19, six weeks ago. Needless to say (but I will!), when one is sick with the virus, they sleep. So I did. A lot. And I ended up accidentally sleeping through my appearance. And they graciously, empathetically, and kindly agreed to reschedule a week (or two? It’s all a blur to me) later. Anyway, I also slept through that one!! Ugh! I was and am so embarrassed! I still am mortified that I disappointed folks not once (perhaps understandable) but twice (_what_?!). Last night was my third attempt at being there in less than two months! They were so gracious and kind. Thank you so, so, so much JJUG, for coming out and for making the show fun and for all the great questions!

And today, I need to get back to the studio, so let’s get this wicked, wonderful, weekly roundup done and out there!

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