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Spring Tips: Learn Spring for GraphQL (parts 1 and 2 of an ongoing series)

Hi, Spring fans! In thi^^^ these installments, we begin a new series introducing the Spring for GraphQL project.

In this first installment, GraphQL Java lead Andi Marek (@andimarek) and I (@starbuxman) look at the basics of using the GraphQL Java engine that underpins Spring for GraphQL.

In this second installment, Andi and I are joined by Spring for GraphQL lead Rossen Stoyanchev (@rstoya05) as we look at using the Spring for GraphQL component model by writing queries.

I know it’s been more than a month since we last published a video, so I’m going to be releasing every episode of this series very quickly, over the next week or two. I’ve already recorded and mostly finished producing eight episodes. I’m working on producing a ninth, and that’ll be that! A complete introduction to all things Spring for GraphQL. These are of course part of the usual Spring Tips playlist on YouTube, but also part of the Learn Spring for GraphQL with Josh Long playlist. Follow that one to be notified of any new episodes!

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