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Spring Data 2022.0.0-RC1, 2021.2.5, and 2021.1.8 available

Dear Spring community,

On behalf of the Spring Data team and everyone who contributed, it is my pleasure to announce that Spring Data 2022.0.0 has entered its release candidate phase by releasing RC1 today. It is available from the milestone repository. This release ships with several tickets fixed. Along with the release candidate, we shipped 2021.2.5 and 2021.1.8 service releases, to be picked up by corresponding Spring Boot releases.

The release candidate ships with a revised module structure, specifically Spring Data for Apache Geode is no longer part of the release train. Expect a blog post that outlines details soon.

Please give Spring Data 2022.0.0-RC1 a try (for example, as part of the upcoming Spring Boot 3.0.0-RC1 release), which will be available start.spring.io soon, and let us know about any regressions or other issues.




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