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Getting Started with Spring Cloud Gateway

Microservice architectures are great, but as your application programming interfaces (APIs) start to grow, so do the challenges related to their maintenance.

For example, as an existing API matures and adds new features it will need to take its clients along with it on the journey. When the details of an API change, clients need to adjust in order to work with these changes. This process takes time and can really slow your APIs evolution and interfere with your ability to iterate quickly.

Offering multiple APIs brings with it its own set of challenges. How do you route requests and responses to the correct API? How do you manage any message disparity? How do you support clients when your endpoints can move around?


Spring Boot for Apache Geode & Pivotal GemFire 1.0.1.RELEASE & 1.1.0.M2 Available

On behalf of the Spring and Apache Geode communities, it is my pleasure to announce the release of Spring Boot for Apache Geode & Pivotal GemFire (SBDG) 1.0.1.RELEASE and 1.1.0.M2.

New in SBDG 1.0.1.RELEASE

SBDG 1.0.1.RELEASE builds on:

  • Spring Framework 5.0.14.RELEASE

  • Spring Boot 2.0.9.RELEASE

  • Spring Data Kay-SR14

  • Spring Session for Apache Geode & Pivotal GemFire 2.0.9.RELEASE

Additionally, SBDG now supports the ability configure and bootstrap a Locator process, which disables the auto-configuration supplying a ClientCache instance, by default.

See the complete changelog for further details.


Spring Session for Apache Geode & Pivotal GemFire 2.1.4.RELEASE & 2.2.0.M2 Available

On behalf of the Spring and Apache Geode communities, it is my pleasure to announce the release of Spring Session for Apache Geode and Pivotal GemFire (SSDG) 2.1.4.RELEASE and 2.2.0.M2 releases.

Both SSDG 2.1.4.RELEASE and 2.2.0.M2 now support the ability to turn off client subscriptions. No longer does SSDG require client subscriptions to be enabled to use either Apache Geode or Pivotal GemFire to manage your HTTP Session state. However, if client subscriptions are not explicitly enabled, then the client will no longer receive notifications of Session events that may have originated from other clients accessing the same (HTTP) Session. This is entirely possible in a load balanced, non-sticky Session, environment.


Spring Security 5.2.0.M3 Released

On behalf of the community, I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring Security 5.2.0.M3! You can find the complete details in the changelog and the highlights below:

OAuth 2.0

gh-6727 - Support for Multi-tenancy in Reactive Resource Server
gh-6798 - Support for custom parameters in Opaque Token
gh-6239 - Finer variables for OAuth2 redirectUriTemplate expansion
gh-6863 - OAuth2 login has configurable authentication success handler
gh-6832 & gh-6849 - JWT and opaque token have configurable authentication manager
gh-6634 - Support for mock JWT in tests

Similar to other request post processors, jwt() can be used to establish a SecurityContext with a JwtAuthenticationToken.

       .with(jwt(jwt -> jwt.claim("scope", "message:read"))));

Spring Data Moore RC1 and Lovelace SR9 released

On behalf of the team I am pleased to announce Spring Data releases Moore RC1 and Lovelace SR9. The new bits build on the most recent Spring Framework releases and will be picked up by Spring Boot 2.2 M4 and 2.1.6 respectively.

Notable new features amongst others are:

  • An EntityCallback API for modifying entities before convert or save.
  • Multiple OUT parameters in the stored procedure support of Spring Data JPA.
  • Declarative aggregations in Spring Data MongoDB.
  • Enhanced SSL support and dynamic client port configuration for Gemfire and Apache Geode.

Spring Cloud Finchley SR4 Released

On behalf of the community, I am pleased to announce that the Service Release 4 (SR4) of the Spring Cloud Finchley Release Train is available today. The release can be found in Maven Central. You can check out the Finchley release notes for more information.

Notable Changes in the Finchley Release Train

Spring Cloud Commons

Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Vault

Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Config

Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Gateway

Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Netflix

Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Sleuth

Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Consul

Bug Fixes


Spring Framework 5.2.0.M3 and 5.1.8 available now

On behalf of the team and everyone who has contributed, I am pleased to announce that Spring Framework 5.2.0.M3 and 5.1.8 are available now.

The third milestone of Spring Framework 5.2 includes 50 fixes and improvements while Spring Framework 5.1.8 includes 31 fixes and selected improvements.

If you want to give the milestone a try, you can boostrap a new application on once Spring Boot 2.2.0.M4 is released early next week.

Project Page | GitHub | Issues | Documentation


Java CFEnv 1.1.0.RC1 Released


On behalf of the community I am happy to announce the release of Java CFEnv 1.1 RC1.

The RC1 release adds the following functionality:

  • Checks the classpath to correctly determine setting of MySQL or MariaDB driver class name.

  • When using the Boot support, an exception is thrown if the Spring Cloud Connector library is on the classpath. This applies only for the following services: DataSource, RabbitMQ, Cassandra, MongoDB, and Redis. The exception message indicates to set the environment variable JBP_CONFIG_SPRING_AUTO_RECONFIGURATION '{enabled: false}'

  • Support for Boot 1.5.x by copying a logging utility class into the project.

The project README has more information.

The GA release is planned for next week. Please try it out and give feedback on our github issues page.